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Europe Debates

The Future Of NATO

14 May 2020

NATO, Not the EU, is the Protector of Europe

Hermann Tertsch MEP 8 May 2020


Europe Debates

Russia - Europe’s Main Threat?

7 May 2020

We have a Duty to Protect our Eastern Allies

Anna Fotyga MEP 7 May 2020


Europe Debates

Rebuilding Europe’s Economy

30 April 2020

Europe needs to take Russia Seriously

Batu Kutelia 30 April 2020

Lessons from Australia

Hermann Tertsch MEP 27 April 2020


Europe Debates

Is China The New Global Threat?

23 April 2020

Closing Wet Markets is a matter of Public Health

Mattias Karlsson MP 20 April 2020

China’s Hostage Diplomacy

Anna Fotyga MEP 17 April 2020