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Europe Debates

Rebuilding Europe’s Economy

The second webinar in Europe Debates series...

The European Conservatives and Reformists Party invites you to join its next webinar, part of its “Europe Debates” series, exploring the economic challenges as a result of the Coronavirus global pandemic.

The Coronavirus has not just taken a human toll but also an economic one, creating an unprecedent disruption in the global financial and economic order. With millions of businesses across Europe and the world in shambles as a result of weeks of lockdowns, and tens of millions of workers finding themselves unsure of their future, our economy as we know it will change. Not only European nations are called to reopen their economies in order to avoid a prolonged stagnation, but to come up with a sustainable response to this crisis by rebuilding a more resilient economic ecosystem.

In this high-level online panel we set out to explore what it will take to get Europe back to work and rebuild businesses, industry and peoples livelihoods.


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