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Europe Debates

Transatlantic Trade

The eighth webinar in Europe Debates series...

The European Conservatives and Reformists Party is pleased to present its latest online panel – Europe Debates: Transatlantic Trade.

Transatlantic trade is currently worth hundreds of billions of Euro’s a year – with free trade agreements already negotiated between Canada and the European Union – the benefits of enhancing trade relations across the Atlantic are clear. The future of trade is increasingly with Latin America and the United States.


With our panel, the ECR Party in partnership with Americans for Tax Reform will explore how expanding trade relations further across the Atlantic will help with the post coronavirus recovery and ensure long term economic growth into the future. 

Join us on Tuesday 30th June for Europe Debates: Transatlantic Trade, with: Eduardo Bolsonaro MP from Brazil, Grover Norquist – President of Americans for Tax Reform, Daniel Hannan – President of Initiative for Free Trade, Hermann Tertsch MEP from Spain, Matthias Karlsson MP from Sweden and Philip Thompson – International Trade Barrier Index.

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