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Iceland’s David Oddsson

Setting the Record Straight

HHG 17 January 2022

Misleading Statements

Freedom House on Iceland

HHG 6 January 2022

Index of Human Freedom

Is Human Freedom on the Wane?

HHG 4 January 2022

Facebook and Twitter

Violence and Hate Speech in Iceland

HHG 13 December 2021

Conservative-Liberal Thinkers

Why Include Snorri Sturluson?

HHG 4 December 2021

New Evidence in Milan

The Icelandic Discovery of America

HHG 8 October 2021

Philosophical Perspectives

Insider Trading: Victimless Crime?

HHG 5 October 2021

Persecution in Milan

Silvio No Madder than the Rest of Us

HHG 2 October 2021

Judges Owning Stock

Icelandic Judges Also Violated the Principle

HHG 29 September 2021

Elections 25 September

Iceland Votes for Stability

HHG 27 September 2021

Elections 25 September

Are the Icelanders Heading for ‘Interesting Times’?

HHG 15 September 2021

25 August 1991

A Memorable Dinner

HHG 25 August 2021

At website of HM Treasury

When the Icelanders Were Talibans

HHG 16 August 2021

A Revealing King’s Diary

Why is Iceland Not a Monarchy?

HHG 22 July 2021

The Politics of Catastrophe

Ferguson’s Doom

Hannes H. Gissurarson 2 July 2021

Recent Book on Anti-Fascism

Distorting History: An Icelandic Example

Hannes H. Gissurarson 23 June 2021