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Un sector articulado por PYMES

La persecución al vapeo lastra al sector y promueve el tabaquismo

Jesús Esteban 11.10.2021.

The EU should endorse vaping

Vaping is safe, and the EU must give it a chance

Maria Chaplia 24 August 2021

EU Beating Cancer plan

The EU should commit to the concept of harm reduction

Maria Chaplia 9 June 2021

Harm reduction

Vaping as tobacco harm reduction

Michael Landl 21 May 2021


The gateway myth of vaping

Michael Landl 9 May 2021

Harm reduction

EU crackdown on vaping is bad news for public health

Yaël Ossowski 28 January 2021

Europe's Beating Cancer Plan

To beat cancer in Europe, let’s give vaping a chance

Maria Chaplia 30 November 2020