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News & Commentary

Lessons from History

A Peaceful Resolution of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict?

HHG 22 January 2022

Iceland’s David Oddsson

Setting the Record Straight

HHG 17 January 2022

Burke and Acton

Two Thinkers for All Seasons

HHG 16 January 2022

A Worrying Development

Russia Shuts Down Memorial

HHG 11 January 2022

Misleading Statements

Freedom House on Iceland

HHG 6 January 2022

Index of Human Freedom

Is Human Freedom on the Wane?

HHG 4 January 2022

Index of Economic Freedom

Freedom Generates Prosperity

HHG 2 January 2022

The Good Samaritan

Why Christianity and Capitalism are Compatible

HHG 1 January 2022

Atlas Network

The 2021 Freedom Dinner in Miami

HHG 18 December 2021

Fisher’s Atlas Network

For Peace and Low Taxes!

HHG 14 December 2021

Facebook and Twitter

Violence and Hate Speech in Iceland

HHG 13 December 2021