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John O’Sullivan CBE: Along the Borderlands of Europe

John O’Sullivan has had quite the career. He wrote speeches for PM Thatcher in the 80s, went on to lead the memorable Radio Free Europe (RFE/RL) in the late 2000s and has since launched a series of diplomatic, institutional, and journalistic initiatives to reinvigorate the transatlantic alliance. He has served variously as an editor, a senior fellow and a consultant to a range of think-tanks and publications worldwide. He muckraked as a parliamentary sketch-writer in Westminster in the 70s and went on, upon emigrating to the US, to succeed William F. Buckley Jr. as editor-in-chief of National Review, where he is to this day the Director of 21st Century Initiatives and a long-time contributor, these days from Budapest (Hungary). Watch him discuss with Jorge González-Gallarza how the worldwide pandemic, the European predicament and the culture wars raging across the West are all affecting the Danube Institute, an educational and scholarly think-tank he currently leads and one of the more interesting institutions of late in Hungarian democracy.