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Index of Human Freedom

Is Human Freedom on the Wane?

HHG 4 January 2022

Persecution in Milan

Silvio No Madder than the Rest of Us

HHG 2 October 2021

The Symbol of Failure

Sixty Years Ago: The Berlin Wall

HHG 13 August 2021

Úpadek demokracie a jeho souvislosti

Petr Kostka 19.04.2021.

freedom spech - civil rights

Despre manifestaţiile antiguvernamentale din Romȃnia – martie 2021

Valentin Licxandru 30.03.2021.

Jak umírá demokracie

Stanislav Balík 18.03.2021.

Konzervativní demokracie Yorama Hazonyho

Jiří Hanuš 12.12.2020.

Existuje ještě kapitalismus?

Petr Kostka 10.12.2020.

Why vote against, and not for?

The Paradox of the Anti-Vote

Hannes H. Gissurarson 18 November 2020

How Hong Kong’s Bond villain kept invasion at bay

Andrew Pak Man Shuen 17 September 2017

How to Hate Each Other Peacefully in a Democracy

Shadi Hamid 14 September 2017