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Europe Debates

The Future Of NATO

The fourth webinar in Europe Debates series...

Last week marked 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe. Since then Europe has enjoyed an unprecedently long period of peace and prosperity. Much of this success is owed to NATO and the trans-Atlantic Alliance.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has been the pillar of European security and both survived the Cold War and the war on terror. Last year the Alliance celebrated its 70th Birthday and this year admitted it’s 30th Member. Despite all of it’s victories and success the future of NATO continues to be unclear.


The European Conservatives and Reformists Party invites you to join us for our fourth in a series of webinars – Europe Debates: The Future of NATO. The ECR Party has long been at the forefront of defending NATO and the transatlantic alliance, so join us as we discuss the future of the Alliance.

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