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The Match Over European Future – Brussels 4: Europe 0

The contemporary political debate and proposals on how to deal with the largest immigration wave since the Second World War are illustrative of the EU’s incapability to act in times of crisis. ...

Italian ports are being overflowed by illegal migrants who sail the Mediterranean to Europe from the South, as the Balkan route has been partially hindered. Chancellor Merkel is touring Europe in order to persuade her political counterparts about  the necessity “to share the immigration burden evenly”. In reaction to the possibility of the Austrian government’s decision to close its borders, Merkel declared that the closing of the Brenner Pass would mean that “Europe is annihilated.”  

Europe is already at the brink of its collapse. The reason is not the Austrian or other national self-defense policies. The real reason of European downfall is the politics of Brussels and foolish zeal of EU elites who are endlessly scrubbing the deck of a sinking ship so it shines on the surface.

Relocation and Redemption 

Let us not, however, be unjust.  Brussels is of course dedicated to finidng a solution to the migration crisis. The Commission document “ Towards a sustainable and fair Common European Asylum System” is a testament thereof.  Unfortunately the submitted reform does not address the roots and causes of migration. It does nothing to systematically curb the migration flow. It essentially only provides means of  converting illegal immigration into legal. With regard to the consequences of uncontrolled migration, failed integration and uncontrollable developments in European Muslim, the EU’s asylum reform  turns into a self-destructive policy. This should not come as a surprise.  The imperious ideology behind the new common asylum and immigration policy envisages the transformation of Europe into a multicultural superstate, where anything national, traditional, Christian or Jewish will be pushed aside as  a radical stance.

The European Commission and Germany are firmly insistent on the “corrective” relocation system. It is presumed to be triggered automatically if a member state faces migrant pressure that exceeds so called “reference number”, which is a number of refugees the Commission allocates to the member state on the basis of its GDP, population size and “absorption capacity”.  Our historic consciousness should warn us against such well-oiled machines, wheels of fortune that decides on human lives and their destinations. 

Countries that do not wish or intend to participate in this “corrective and fair” refugee relocation mechanism can buy themselves out.  The price of not admitting one asylum seeker in the country could be 250 thousand euros. 

I do not consider such a redemption mechanism either fair or sustainable. This Brussels concept is inhumane, intimidating and unacceptable.

Synchronization, harmonization and centralization

The Commission would also like to introduce a single, common asylum procedure and harmonize the time span within which all asylum applications should be processed in all EU member states. In the same vein, Brussels would like all to shorten the time period needed for processing all documents related to the admission of a refugee.  Bluntly, in practice this means that Brussels would like to dictate how and how long member state should perform security screening of those who wish to live on their territories. The EU countries would be deprived of their right to evaluate potential security risks of foreign nationals according to their needs and procedures. At the same time, Brussels in its political correctness consistently decline any linkage between migration and terrorism, although both reports of security services and attacks in Paris and Brussels prove the opposite.

Now the game is about building the EU empire. Those who do not support and comprehend this goal are labelled as extremists, populists and reactionaries.

The future common asylum and migration policy also entails proposal to harmonize social and financial conditions for refugees across the EU.
This, at first sight, a rather foggy formulation, would practise mean a significant milestone in the Brussels effort to gradually unify national social policies, which is only possible if we harmonize tax policies. EU elites thus exploit the migration crisis in order to urge more centralization and the weakening of nation states. A nation state that is no more in charge of taxation, has no decision power how the tax revenues are allocated, and cannot control who resides on its territory cannot be called a sovereign state any more.

We are witnessing real attempts to deepen the current state of integration at all costs.  No matter that this  tightening of EU clasps goes against common sense and against interests of the whole continent. Brussels does not care.  Europe, its values, European nation states and their people are no more in play. Now the game is about building the EU empire. Those who do not support and comprehend this goal are labelled as extremists, populists and reactionaries.

Friendly Match ?

EU keeps scoring its own goals and plays against interest based and flexible cooperation of nations state. Brussels plays against any reasonable form of EU collaboration and thus harms the whole Europe. 

Europe does not have to deal only with migration crisis. Another crisis we face is the Eurozone. The Eurozone does not work. However, EU and Germany decided that unity must be maintained at every cost. More than ninety million euros was sent as a bail out for Greece, debts were written off along with all the rules of the EMU.  The results is that the Greek economy is falling together with the credibility of the single currency project. 

Another own goal of the EU is Brexit. The result of the British referendum and subsequent EU wide reactions clearly showed that popular trust in the idea of ever closer union is at point zero. Ever closer union leads only to ever deepening estrangement (so to speak in terms of Brussels Neo Marxist commrades).

Add to this the security crisis, which is obvious - radical Islam is at war with us. A week after a terror attack, we are all aware of this, then we tend to forget. Brussels, however, is on alert and always has the recipe at hand. Instead of strengthening security, stopping illegal migration, protecting external borders and consistently facing those who support terrorists, it resorts to ludicrous policy measures: Brussels says we should prohibit legally held weapons. The absurdity of these steps cannot be seen perhaps only on Schuman Square.

Summing up the four crises - migration, brexit, eurozone integration and security - we get a score of 4:0 to the detriment of Europe. It’s not Europe’s own goals. It is Brussels that plays against Europe and even against the European Union. The course of Europe is changing before our eyes, we play for its  existence. Sitting in the stands and cheering is no longer enough. We need to stand on the side of Europe, while there is still something to play for.